Jake Calypso

18 avril 2024

In almost 11 years, JAKE CALYSPO recorded 6 albums & many singles, EP.

Grandaddy Grease (1st album in 2010)

Father & Sons (2nd album in 2014) with the famous track ‘Call Me Baby’

Downtown Memphis (3rd album in 2015) recorded in the legendary ‘Sun Studio Memphis.

Vance Mississippi (4th album in 2016) more ‘Blues’ & ‘Boogie’ with Archie Lee Hooker (John Lee Hooker’s nephew)

100 Miles (5th album in 2017) the album from his heart ! the album of his life ! Only Elvis ballads with his voice recorded in Memphis, Tupelo, Nashville & Bad Nauheim.

Backing by ‘The Red Hot’, Jake played in many many festivals with lot of energy & craziest shows everytime :  Viva Las Vegas, Rockabilly Rave, High Rockabilly, Hangar Rockin’ & more, more…

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